Essay Writing Tip #1: Don’t tell.

6812988187_67c39c8e5b_bSo, you want your essay to stand out? For the admissions officer to notice, remember, and learn something about you?

Don’t tell them about you. Seriously. Telling is boring.

Instead, describe your world: what you see, what you hear, and what you do.

Let the reader imagine themselves as you. And then, nothing needs to be said.

Example (admissions officer telling): I was tired, and didn’t want to read those essays.

Example (admissions officer letting the reader deduce): The afternoon light filtered through the window onto the desk covered with papers. I sighed. 400 more to go. I squeezed my eyes shut, opened them wide, and blinked. Then, I tried reading the essay again. The words blurred in front of my eyes. …

As Benjamin Franklin famously said: Tell me and I may forget … involve me and I learn.

Image credit: All rights reserved by choiyaki
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