College Humor

Nov 23: Stanford Cardinals  beat Cal Bears (UC, Berkeley) 63:13.

Nov 24: My 4th grader comes back from school, and very earnestly explains to me: “I know you work on college stuff, and may think Stanford is a good college, but Beverly is where the real researchers go to study. Stanford is for the athletes.”


Why Volv?


During the heydays of Juniper Networks, our then CEO, Scott Kriens, would always travel with a coach by his side. One day, I had the unique opportunity to spend an hour with his coach, and after that, I never passed up another opportunity to work with a good coach.

80-90% of all companies use coaching, and 51% believe coaching is crucial to their success.

In contrast, coaching techniques are hardly used in the college admission context. Counselors struggle with young students’ ability to apply themselves to the admission process. Students feel overwhelmed, and not-in-control.

We believe that all students have an untapped, hidden potential. We bring to our counselors and young students a framework of tools designed to tap into that potential. Our framework is powerful because it brings clarity. It breaks down the complicated, into simple and straightforward. And in doing so, it empowers students to act.

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