Ain’t no mountain high enough

Dashrath Manjhi accomplished what seemed improbable; he carved a road, single-handedly, through a mountain using rudimentary tools.  The path to breaking the mountain started with a single stone.dasrath-manjhi-road-550x412As young students, the road to college seems as daunting a task as breaking a mountain.  Just stay focussed on the next stone that lies ahead in your path, instead of looking at the mountain.  Slowly but surely, you will have carved your path through the mountain.

Image Credit:  Oddity Central


What is your differentiator?


To get into the college of your choice, you need not have PERFECT grades and scores and extracurricular activities; in short, you need not be perfect in everything.  Identify what truly stands out in you and realize that as your differentiator.  Remember, you are SPECIAL and your experiences make you the person you are.

Your college admission officer is looking for interesting and unique students.  Being YOU is what makes you unique and interesting.  Bring that out in your essay in your own voice and voila!, you have become that.

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